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Quest for quality. Interventions to Improve Human Resources for Health among Faith-Based Organisations
Quest for Quality: The report. In order to deal more effectively with the current HRH crisis, Cordaid and its partners realised that it is critical to learn better from each other’s
MMI Annual Report 2008: Redefining our role in Global Health
2008 has been a moving year for the Medicus Mundi International Network. For the second time in its history, the executive secretariat had to be relocated, on this occasion from Brussels, where it
Helping all Players pull at the same rope
In June 2008, the Medicus Mundi International Network was invited to the 8th Plenary Assembly of the Association of Episcopal Conferences of the Central African Region (ACERAC). This exceptional
Equal Opportunities for Health: Action for Development
Doctors with Africa Cuamm, committed for over 50 years to promoting health as a right in Africa, have launched a public awareness campaign on global health at the European level. Many European A model thematic community in the health sector
Based on the need of its member organizations to share more intensely experience and knowledge on health-related topics, the Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS) Network launched in 2003 a platform on
MMI Network Policy
"Medicus Mundi International is the Network of private not-for-profit organisations working in the field of international health cooperation and advocacy. The Network members fight global poverty
Annual Report 2008 of Medicus Mundi Spain
The Annual Report of Medicus Mundi Spain is available in Spanish only. Download as PDF file.  
Annual Report 2008 of Medicus Mundi Switzerland
The Annual Report of Medicus Mundi Switzerland is available in French and German only. Download directly as PDF file (French version).
Annual Report 2008 of Doctors with Africa Cuamm
The Annual Report of Doctors with Africa Cuamm is available in Italian, English and Portuguese. Download as PDF file.
Research Policy of the MMI Network
"This policy document of the Medicus Mundi International Network is rooted in the overall MMI Network Policy and describes the Network’s approach to generating, accessing, sharing and using
Wemos Briefing Paper on Human Resources for Health
Addressing the health workforce shortage, a new Wemos Briefing Paper presents ‘windows of opportunities’ on ways to ensure people everywhere have access to a skilled and motivated health worker,
Advocacy Policy of the MMI Network
After the Network Policy and the Research Policy adopted both earlier on this year, the MMI Executive Board completed the series of basic documents of the Medicus Mundi International Network
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