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Annual Report 2015 of HealthNet TPO

Annual Report 2015 of HealthNet TPO

"2015 has been a year in which humanitarian needs were enormous. In Iraq and Afghanistan we have been directly involved in the refugee crisis. But we have also worked on better health and wellbeing with the people in lesser known fragile communities, such as South Sudan and Burundi.

At the same time the year 2015 was critical for the organization. Through a partnership with Zaluvida Holdings Pte LTF we have combined the best elements of ‘for’ and ‘not-for’ profit. Zaluvida has strengthened the financial basis of HealthNet. Furthermore, we will continue to work together on increasing HealthNet’s operational and fund development capacities.

We are grateful we have been able to continue our work on health and wellbeing in fragile communities throughout 2015 and that as an organization we are able to make a healthy new start."

The Annual Report 2015 of HealthNet TPO is available in English and Dutch language.

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