Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All

Medicus Mundi Switzerland. Network Health for All

Medicus Mundi Switzerland. Network Health for All

Medicus Mundi Switzerland is the network of Swiss organisations working in the field of international health. Medicus Mundi Switzerland promotes the sharing of knowledge and know-how among its members and partners and the development of joint positions and strategies.

global health policy

Do not resolve the Swiss health personal crisis at the expense of the poorest

Basel, 16 January 2012. Together with a broad coalition the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland launched today a manifesto that addresses the worldwide need for properly trained healthcare ... »Read more

Conference Report

Working in Fragile Contexts and Building up Resilient Health Systems

Basel, 2 November 2016. "To end preventable child and maternal deaths, create an AIDS-Free Generation, and protect communities against infectious diseases such as Ebola, we need effective, ... »Read more | »Show all (24)

diseases control

No ‘business as usual’ against non-communicable diseases

Basel, 2 November 2017. This year's MMS Symposium will address the challenges of tackling noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) by looking at the determinants of NCDs, the organisation of health ... »Read more | »Show all (31)

diseases control

Mental Health: A Forgotten Facet of Healthcare

"Globally close to 450 million people have mental health disorders; more than 75% of that number live in developing countries. According to the World Health Organization, 85% of patients in ... »Read more | »Show all (20)


Annual Report 2016 of Medicus Mundi Switzerland

The Annual Report 2016 of the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland is available in German and French language. ... »Read more | »Show all (9)

networking and cooperation

Swiss platform HIV/AIDS and development, the Swiss platform HIV/AIDS and development, is a project organized by Medicus Mundi Switzerland which, so far, 30 Swiss organizations are supporting financially. The platform aims ... »Read more | »Show all (4)

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