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MMI Network News, February 2018
First do no harm. And then? (Editorial); MMI Network: Events, news, reports, resources MMI Network News: February 2018 MMI Network News: Archives
Doctors with Africa CUAMM in the front line to fight NCDs
Doctors with Africa CUAMM has taken part in the WHO Global Dialogue on Partnerships for Sustainable Financing of Noncommunicable Disease (NCD) Prevention and Control, held in Copenhagen, Denmark.
MMI Network News, 24 April 2018
Guest editorial: Digital health – The public health view; MMI Network: Events; MMI Network: News, reports, resources MMI Network News: April 2018 MMI Network News: Archives
Welcome to our new Network member: Medics without Vacation
"Medics without Vacation comprises about 600 doctors and nurses. During their holidays they spend two to three weeks treating patients in African hospitals. Helping people who otherwise have
Joint healthcare and humanitarian Ebola response in DR Congo
Cordaid, 8 August 2018. One week after the Ebola outbreak in the Equateur Province was declared over, a new outbreak of the deadly virus hit DR Congo. This time it emerged in the country’s
MMI Network News special, June 2018: Annual Report and members' short stories
MMI Network News special: "In addition to our institutional annual report, we have again received great contributions by MMI Network members. Their "short stories" provide a good picture of
MMI Network News, September 2018
Looking ahead - and back (editorial); MMI Network members: Annual Reports 2017; MMI Network and Network members: Events; MMI Network: News, reports, resources MMI Network News: September 2018
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