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Openness in development aid reaches new level

Openness in development aid reaches new level

The Hague, 17 January 2014. The Dutch member of the MMI Network Cordaid has put all her project data online and brought openness in development aid to a new level.

"Worldwide, 213 organizations and governments publish their data according to the IATI standard. None of them do this as thoroughly and completely as Cordaid. For security or privacy reasons a small number of the more than 700 Cordaid projects are not published.

Cordaid didn´t decide to publish all project data in reaction to questions from the public about spending on development aid. All project data has been online for the past year, including budgets, targets and results.

Cordaid chose to publish the IATI dataset to make co-creation possible. Everybody can read where we work and how we work and help us to make the world a bit better. Simone Filippini, Cordaid’s CEO, says: ‘Fighting poverty starts with sharing. This is why we share our information.”

We don’t pretend to publish perfect data; there will be errors and imperfections. But we hope that our data can be improved via crowdsourcing, which in turn will improve our work in developing countries.

Open data expert Theo van de Sande of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, 'We are impressed by the completeness and detail in how Cordaid reports results. This demonstrates courage and commitment to the transparency agenda of development aid. It is a source of inspiration and should be replicated.'" (quoted from Cordaid media release)

Browse the data set.

Read more about Cordaid's vision on open data.

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