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Training on management of pharmaceutical supplies

Training on management of pharmaceutical supplies

"i+solutions provides training on all major issues related to the management of pharmaceutical supplies. Our goal is to help strengthen local knowledge so that current and future essential drug programs can be implemented more efficiently, safely, and cost effectively.

Many years, we have experience in developing and executing trainings, in close collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners. Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics and includes for example Monitoring & Evaluation and Management of Artemisin-based Combination Therapies. The scope of trainings offered is broadening each year, closely following new trends and developments in the field.

A few hundred participants from all over the world have already participated in our training-program in the Netherlands or in their own or neighboring country. i+solutions offers trainings in English, French, Portuguese and Russian language. Modules or trainings in additional languages can be developed upon request.

Participants typically include physicians, pharmacists, senior health system managers, supply chain staff and technical assistance professionals from non-governmental and governmental organizations."

i+solutions is a member of the MMI Network.


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