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Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute: SCIH Services

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute: SCIH Services

"Based on our technical and managerial expertise in health sector reform and systems development, and our extensive field work experience, the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH) at the Swiss TPH provides assistance in the implementation of health systems projects, acts as executing and support agency for health development and offers short and long term consultancies in all aspects of health services management, planning, risk analysis and evaluation. The interdisciplinary approach of the SCIH guarantees optimal interfacing of our wealth of knowledge in disciplines such as engineering, epidemiology, health economics, and reproductive health.

Project Management and Implementation: Comprehensive project management encompasses health system planning and development, procurement of technological and human resources, medicines and medical devices, as well as project monitoring, process optimisation and the introduction of information and communication systems.

Consultancy and Advisory: Short and long term consultancies for global clients include advisory services such as, feasibility studies, project monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, needs assessment, workshop organization and moderation, knowledge management, etc.

Teaching and Training: Human resources are invaluable. To ensure sustainability of the benefits of our services, teaching and training of technical, medical, managerial, and administrative personnel are crucial. Additionally, we supervise doctoral and Masters students and contribute to international university level courses in fields such as Health Care and Management in Tropical Countries (HCMTC), Rational Drug Policy and Management for Diseases of Poverty, and Perinatal Services.

Operations Research: Scientific work is conducted through operational and applied research projects to improve evidence for decision making. Priorities include health service research and intervention, as well as various topics such as the governance of health systems and the effects of scaling-up priority interventions."

The Swiss TPH is a member of the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland.


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