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Order medicines at action medeor

action medeor

Many national and international aid organisations value action medeor as a competent supplier of top quality medicines and medical equipment. In the 4.000 m2 medical store in Tönisvorst, medeor stores over 300.000 containers of medicines, which can be packed and dispatched very rapidly – even to very remote and inaccessible areas. Low minimum purchase quantities allow even small health facilities to equip themselves with drugs.

We focus on individual counselling

Personal contacts at medeor ensure speedy and uncomplicated dispatch of orders. medeor workers can give information about the individual products and can advise on appropriate quantities in individual cases. Transport routes and customs formalities are planned carefully to exclude unnecessary delays. Shatter-proof, space-saving and light-weight bulk containers ensure that the contents arrive safely, whether by air, sea, road or rail. medeor provides medical aid to countries outside Europe for non-commercial purposes at cost price or as a donation.

Who can order medeor medicines? 
Church based and secular institutions, health centres and Initatives can place orders, on the condition that the use of the medicines and the medical material will be exclusively for statutory purposes.

medeor sends medicines and medical equipment against reimbursement, as a donation or a partial donation eclusively to countries outside the European Union. The medicines are sent in behalf of church based and secular institutions, health centres and Initatives. The organization works exclusively for charitable and beneficial purposes and renders assistance exclusively for uncommercial purposes. medeor is not directed to private persons.
Gratuitous medical aid 
action medeor renders gratuitous medical aid only where there is an actual need. In the case of an initial approach we kindly request you, to fill in our questionnaire and to send us the documents requested for us to check if medeor can render medical aid financed by donations.

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