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Order medicines at action medeor
Many national and international aid organisations value action medeor as a competent supplier of top quality medicines and medical equipment. In the 4.000 m2 medical store in Tönisvorst, medeor
Order medical equipment at action medeor
The product catalogue of the action medeor request system includes medical equipment as follows: Dental; Diagnostics; Disposable Catheters; Gynaecology/Delivery; Gloves; ENT - Ear Nose Throat;
Tropical Diseases Training Course
An annual Tropical Diseases Training Course is run by Medicus Mundi Italia and the Tropical and Infectious Diseases Department of the University of Brescia. It is a three weeks, full time course
Order medical equipment at Medicus Mundi Attrezzature
Since 1995, Medicus Mundi Italy recycles medical equipment and offers it for free - except repair costs - to missions, NGOs, hospitals and health centres in poor countries. In June 2004, Medicus
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute: SCIH Services
"Based on our technical and managerial expertise in health sector reform and systems development, and our extensive field work experience, the Swiss Centre for International Health (SCIH) at the
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