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Nov 06, 2018

Health cooperation beyond aid: What key topics for 2019?

Health cooperation beyond aid: What key topics for 2019?

Basel, 6 November 2018, MMI planning meeting. What critical issues and trends in International Health Cooperation need our attention? What particular concepts, methods, practices shall we promote – or are we struggling with? Join us in Basel at an open planning meeting of the MMI Network and its working group on Effective Health Cooperation.

The work plan 2018-19 of the MMI working group on Effective Health Cooperation (MMI EHC) refers to the MMI Network Strategy 2016-2020 and in particular to the strategic task to “promote knowledge sharing and mutual learning between actors in international health cooperation”. We are happy to inform you that the Open Society Foundations (OSF) agreed to support our work plan with a grant. This will allow us to extend our activities in the field of promoting effective health cooperation and to improve the quality, outreach and coverage of our activities.

We hope that this achievement will be an inspiration and encouragement for ur current Network members and any newcomers to join the MMI EHC working group (see the initial list of members) and to engage in our activities to advance health cooperation beyond aid.

We are particularly happy to communicate to you an initial success: 40 years after Alma-Ata, MMI is invited to formally participate in the Astana Global Conference on Primary Health Care as co-organizer of an official side event on the role of aid/international cooperation in strengthening national health policies and systems and in the achievement of PHC. More information can soon be found on our Astana website.

MMI EHC in 2019: How to deepen and broaden the conversation? After a more general round of discussing health cooperation, its relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness as a contribution to achieving universal access to health, we now want to focus our conversation and activities on the realities of the MMI members and other NGOs engaged in health cooperation, reacting to your specific demand. In our 2018 workshops, we already dealt with particularly challenging realities of health cooperation: How to make sure that new technologies such as eHealth and mHealth will not rather lead to new dependencies and new inequity and add to the burden and confusion of those who are responsible for health care planning and delivery? (April 2018) What is to be done to prevent and properly respond to cases of sexual exploitation and misconduct in international health cooperation?  (May 2018). Shall we deepen and broaden these conversations? Or what next on our common agenda?

Join us at a planning meeting on 6 November 2018, 14-17 hrs, in Basel, Switzerland. We invite the current members of MMI EHC, our Board and all interested Network members and colleagues to join us for an open planning meeting of MMI EHC in the afternoon of Tuesday, 6 November, in Basel. Our meeting will be followed by an evening session with the screening of the movie “A luta continua” and a panel discussion with Ivan Zahinos, Medicus Mundi Mediterrània and Francisco Songane, the former Minister of Health of Mozambique. Participants are also welcome to stay in Basel for the Symposium of Medicus Mundi Switzerland on 7 November, on “Health for All” by 2030: On the right track, or on the verge of failing?

Register now for our planning session on 6 November in Basel by sending a short confirmation message to the MMI Network secretariat. Registered participants will receive information about logistics timely ahead of the meeting. For the Symposium of Medicus Mundi Switzerland on 7 November, Network members (only) can register online for a reduced fee – like the members of Medicus Mundi Switzerland.

Network members: Let us know if your organization likes to formally join the MMI EHC working group by sending a short confirmation message to the MMI Network secretariat, also confirming who will represent your team in the working group.

And feel free to provide any input on key concepts of international health cooperation, particular challenges for your organization and other topics to be addressed by MMI EHC in the coming year in a written form (also by e-mail to our secretariat), by the end of October.

Thanks in advance, and see you in Basel!

Martin Leschhorn, MM Switzerland, Coordinator MMI EHC
Carlos Mediano, MM Spain, President of MMI Network
Thomas Schwarz, MMI Executive Secretary

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