Sharing knowhow and joining forces towards Health for All


Beyond Aid: From Charity to Solidarity
Frankfurt, 20-22 February 2014. 'Beyond Aid', a heading that is known in the development discourse for quite some years, has now become a prominent talking point. However the critique of
Is "Value for Money" the best Approach for Improving Weak Health Systems?
Basel, 9 April 2014. The aid community now systematically refers to the “Value for Money” (VfM) concept in relation to health programmes. Still, the concept has varying meaning among
How to address sexual violence and HIV
Bern, 10 April 2014, conference. Sexual violence is a fundamental violation of human rights and has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of people, especially women.
Working towards Health for All: What’s the count? And what role for civil society action and networking? MMI mini-symposium and Annual Assembly
Geneva, 24 May 2014. The Annual Assembly of the Medicus Mundi International Network took place at Château de Bossey near Geneva in the week of the World Health Assembly .    
Symposium and MMI Network meeting
Basel, 5-6 November 2014. This year's MMI Network meeting was hosted by Medicus Mundi Switzerland (MMS) and linked with the 14th annual Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium organized by MMS.
An ideal match! Successfully connecting NGO practice and Health Systems Research
Cape Town, 3 October 2014. The MMI Network participated in the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town, South Africa, from 30 September to 3 October 2014, with a session
Maternal and Child Health Care Access to Safe Pharmaceuticals
Nairobi, 28-30 April 2014. This year's EPN Forum is expected to bring together senior executives from Christian Health Associations, Church Based Pharmaceutical Supply Agencies and International
Innovativ und kompetent helfen
Tönisvorst, 27 June 2014. The German MMI Network member action medeor celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a symposium and exhibition at their headquarters. Read below an invitation message in
How to bridge between health systems researchers and practitioners in the field of international health cooperation
Basel, September 6-10, 2015. The 9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and international Health (ECMTIH) was organized by the Swiss TPH, a member of Medicus Mundi Switzerland , on behalf of
67th World Health Assembly
Geneva, 19-24 May 2014. The agenda of this year's World Health Assembly was  again very long. You might consult the great WHO Watch website for an overview and analysis of key agenda
Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in the face of free trade and market deregulation: How to preserve policy space for public health?
Geneva, 20 May 2014, at the Palais des Nations. Civil society side event to the 67th World Health Assembly.   Free trade agreements undermine public health At the 67th
Putting People at the Heart of Development. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Post-2015 Era
Brussels, 28 November 2014, Be-cause health seminar. In 1994, 179 governments reached a remarkable consensus at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo.
"Now I can be somebody. I can think for myself…"
Berne, 9 September 2014, Meeting Point on psychosocial support in the context of violence, HIV, and poverty. How can girls and women who have experienced violence and are living in
The Right to Health in the Post-2015 Agenda
Berlin, 8-9 September 2014. Health politics have become a crucial part of the global agenda. In 2015 UN-member states will take decisions affecting the lives of billions of people as they
The role of faith based health services in contributing to universal health coverage in Africa
Nairobi, 23-26 February 2015. The Africa Christian Health Association’s Platform (ACHAP) hosted a successful 7 th Biennial Conference of the Africa Christian Health Associations at the Safari
Health in Action
London, 15 November 2014. Health Poverty Action are pleased to be partnering with Medact to host the annual Health in Action forum. The event is for anyone interested in challenging why so
Evidence-based civil society advocacy in the field of international migration of health personnel
Cape Town, 29 September 2014. We asked some advocates / researchers to provide insights in the making of recent papers on international migration of health personnel and the implementation
Sustainable healthcare interventions: from blueprint to lasting impact
Basel, 21 November 2014. "At the heart of the Novartis Foundation there has always been a conviction that the projects we are involved in should be as sustainable as possible. To build this
Health and Climate Change: What are the governance challenges?
Geneva, 27 October 2014. "Consider the following global realities: (1) An estimated 7 million deaths are attributed to air pollution every year; (2) rates of chronic diseases are accelerating
Conflict of interest in multilateral negitiations on nutrition, health, trade
Workshop in Geneva, 28 October 2014. With the Non-State Actors paradigm, recent intergovernmental negotiations taking place in the UN agencies have brought about a new version of the
Personalized Medicine - The Public Health Perspective
Basel, 11-12 December 2014. "Progress over recent decades in various fields of –omics, systems biology and bioinformatics provides unprecedented opportunities in research towards unravelling
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