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A future without AIDS - Realising a vision
Bern, 11 April 2013. A world without AIDS is feasible. This conviction is shared by many people and NGOs in the Global North, South and East as well as multilateral organizations such as
MMI Board meeting
Basel, 15 March 2013. The first Board meeting of the Medicus Mundi International Network in 2013 dealt with, among other items, the external mid-term evaluation of the MMI Network Strategy
Pulling the Emergency Brake - Diagnostic and therapeutic options for world trade related diseases
Berlin, 6 March 2013. This year again medico international will be part of the German Public Health Congress Poverty and Health. We invited partners and other well know speakers (MMI secretary
Stop TB in my lifetime: ancora al fianco di mamme e bambini
Milano, 14 March 2013. At this event related to the World TB Day (24 March), Doctors with Africa Cuamm presents its strategy for the organization's involvement in the fight against tuberculosis
Environment and Health: Bridging South, North, East and West
Basel, 19-23 August 2013. " This is the first-ever joint conference of three leading scientific societies dedicated to improve public health, namely - International Society of Environmental
Health-y answers to comple#ity: Are we able to move beyond the control panel? MMI Network meeting and conference
Brussels, 27-29 November 2013, Medicus Mundi International Network meeting hosted by Memisa celebrating its 25 years jubilee and linked to the annual seminar of Be-cause Health .  
Health in the Post - 2015 Agenda
Geneva, 2 May 2013, public seminar at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva: The post-2015 development process will be central in shaping the global health
WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel: Stoking up the fire for Code implementation
Geneva, 22 May 2013, Civil Society side event to the 66th World Health Assembly
Global Health: Interconnected Challenges, Integrated Solutions
Geneva, 15-17 April 2014. "During recent decades significant progress has been made to focus policy attention and channel new financial resources towards global health issues. Despite this,
Universal health coverage and global health beyond 2015
Basel, 6 November 2013. How can global health policy be structured to ensure that even the poorest people in developing countries have access to health services? That's one of the topics of
What does it take to eliminate a disease?
Basel, 29 November 2013. The eradication of smallpox in 1980 has proven that although complex and difficult, eliminating a disease is possible. This remarkable feat continues to inspire other
6th High-Level Symposium on Globbal Health Diplomacy : Health diplomacy meets science diplomacy
Geneva, 12 November 2013. The annual high-level symposium of the Global Health Programme explores critical issues and new developments in global health diplomacy, with particular relevance to
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