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Sep 17, 2010 - Sep 18, 2010

Health justice worldwide

Health justice worldwide

Berlin, 17-18 September 2010. "Worldwide, there are great disparities in people’s health, both between rich and poor countries and within individual countries. Poverty causes ill-health and shortens life expectancy. The concept of “global health” means aiming to ensure that all people are able to make their right to health a reality. This requires an acceptance of global responsibility.

The conference will:

  • Examine the interrelation between globalisation and worldwide health and also dis-cuss the opportunities and risks for relevant health policy issues arising from globalisation;
  • Discuss the topic of health in the light of the 2010 Millennium Development Goal review;
  • Present and discuss local and global health initiatives and strategies which aim to achieve appropriate and fair healthcare provision, as well as the social conditions necessary for good health;
  • Create a platform in order to present possible alternatives to current health approaches and to examine their feasibility."

Health justice – worldwide!
The prospects for “global health”: debating the alternatives
September 17th – September 18th 2010
Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany
Organized by: medico international and Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Contributions by MMI Network members: Wemos and action medeor

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