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Oct 24, 2008

Social movements in Africa - a comparative perspective

Leiden NL, 24th October 2008. "Most research on social movements has focused on the analysis and theorization regarding social movements in general, based on empirical work concerning notably Europe, the United States and Latin America. One of the main objectives of this conference is to see how far the work that has been done on social movements in general is relevant for the study of African societies. Do social movements in Africa follow similar patterns as movements on other continents? Do specific characteristics come into play in the global South? Or do African movements develop according to their own dynamics, distinct from similar movements elsewhere? Conversely, this comparative approach may allow us to critique some influential theories of social movements by considering them from an African point of view."

Bart Criel, ITG Antwerp: "An invitation to an interesting conference which unfortunately I cannot attend myself"

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